The Voice & His God

A life-story of grace.



An endless passion for God, for music, for worship, for impact &
for life.


A new gospel recording artist, Yemi Alafifuni, based in the Kent area of the United Kingdom. He is a UK based gospel singer and songwriter and as a young artist, he wants to reach the world with inspiring and Jesus centered gospel music.

“The soulfully dulcet tones of the male singing in this track great where his soothing tones are very tender hearted and warm to listen to. It is the perfect tones and manner to convey a religious track, where the worshipping in this song is highly evident… his harmony is further enhanced by beautiful female vocals, which float along dreamily to create a heavenly sense for the melody of the song” – Anonymous

The Journey

Yemi’s musical journey started in secondary school when serving as an usher, he found that singing a song before the grace was shared increased the attendance of students at the weekly meeting. This increased his passion for music especially worship songs. Ever since, Yemi has taken every opportunity by joining many school and church choirs from an early age. He started active music in a local church in 1996 and has come to know the heart of God in worship.

”I recall being sent out of a mathematics examination center for humming a song and arguing with the examiner that humming that song was the only way I could concentrate…”

The Passion

For many years, he has led and been an active member of the church choir.  He had won several local gospel singing soloist competition during his early years but his passion isn’t about awards or position.  His first recording album was ‘Uncensored Worship’ which was released on the 4th of April 2015. 

‘A refreshing and highly tuneful, dynamic softly sang tune. The singer has a lovely, sweet adorable vocal voice. The melody was just right, quite mellow. The chorus sounded sublime and was well composed.’ – Anonymous

Enjoying music…

Yemi is one of the worship leaders at COHP, UK – a church where the lifestyle of Jesus is natural and worship is undiluted. He enjoys his time in worship, appreciating every opportunity by giving his absolute best to God. Our God deserves 100%, all the time – no exceptions – Yemi believes.

Today, God deserves it all and Yemi has a desire to see the nations worship God in Spirit and in Truth where the love of Jesus is shed abroad in our hearts and our lives mirror heaven.

He loves Jesus and believes every heart should too. His music will bring you closer to the throne room of the Father and your heart will connect in worship.

The Voice.



Passion is on God. Seeing Jesus glorified everyday.

All of man’s existence is a mystery and the only phenomenon that makes sense is the existence of God. The understand that God has a son who came for humanity just to bring man back to where he fell – the presence.

In God we trust

The link between God and man is Jesus

Growing up in a challenging environment, Yemi has learnt to engage God in areas early in life. He believes that there is more of God, the more you know Him, the more you seek to know.

Yemi believes in the Trinity – the Father is always good, the son (Jesus) mediates for us all constantly and the Holy Spirit is the seal of God’s power working in and through us.

Music is the conduit of God’s love, the reminder that we are all sons and the ever presence of Him who is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all we can ask or think. Music makes perfect sense when God is in it all. Nothing else matters.


There is more of God… Always good.